A plethora of facets. What’s beneath your surface and wants to be revealed to shine brightly?

eternal becoming

Life. An ongoing process. Movement. Growth. Further development.Appreciate every phase of life and be spurred on to go beyond yourself in your current phase

overflow of love

meet people and things with grace and appreciation. To shower and be showered with love.

bold is gold

BE BOLD. This work of art encourages the viewer to think and express their own opinion. An energetic composition that exudes the feeling of

black coffee

The name says it all for this special and extraordinary artwork. The artist has used dried coffee grounds to leave the imprint of a


Fließende Farben. Fließende Bewegung. Fließende Körper. Fließende Gedanken. Einklang von Körper, Geist und Seele. 


Facettenreichtum. Was steckt unter deiner Oberfläche und möchte hell im Licht erscheinen?
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