life in bubbles

In the beginning was the word.

Everyday countless words are spoken. Words change everything.

Big words in our big wide world.

And little words in every little bubble we create. Because actual life happens within those bubbles.

Some people can easily reconcile the life they’ve created in their own bubble, with life outside of it. But we also set up boundaries between the two at times.

Because some things don’t suit us.

Some things are too much.

And parallel worlds are created.

And the question is: are we interconnected or do we coexist? Is there mutual understanding left?

Currently things are happening in our world that shouldn’t, because we should know better by now. 2023 was the year of ChatGPT. AI is all of a sudden a topic everywhere you look. And I ask myself, do we truly find the answers to all of our questions there? Which questions need to be asked to start with? Which questions are we allowed to ask?

We are constantly stuck between trying to not miss out on the digitalization of our world and bracing ourselves for it at the same time. And in the midst of it we are faced with wars, the rise of highly questionable political parties, climate change, the mitigation of climate change, energy transition and constantly changing laws. Debts of the government are growing and words like „crisis mode“ make it onto the list of words of the year 2023.

Constant change, upheaval over here, flight and abandonment over there.

Change is good. But change is also exhausting. And what kind of change is actually good?

While asking ourselves the question „what around us is made to endure“ we’re trying to work out how to preserve the very air our kids will be breathing down the road.

And on top of that every one of us has his or her own construction sites. So I truly understand that you just want to get comfortable in your own bubble.

But is it? Is it comfortable?

I didn’t want this to end on such a negative note. But while I am writing I’m realizing that I can’t turn it around, can’t find a way to change the tone.

One thing I can see clearly though amidst all of these questions:

Everyone needs hope.

Do you have hope?