Artist Statement

Artist Statement

My art creates a world wherein uniqueness is celebrated and people cheer each other on to live their dreams courageously.

“My energetic artworks are a declaration of war on the inner chaos. They convey deep emotions and encourage breaking out of one’s comfort zone, finding one’s own path and fully realizing one’s own possibilities. The dynamic structures and vitalizing color gradients of my works can be understood as a mirror of the inner struggle that everyone of us has to fight.

Let us fight bravely, side by side, freeing the mind and overcoming boundaries.

Dive into a world filled with the confidence to hold the space you need to turn your dream into reality by purposefully embracing that you´re perfect and unique. My art is the warrior’s sword, the key to victory, turning profound emotions into meaningful beauty”

Julia Dedicata is a visual artist from the German state of Hesse. Her artistic talent was recognized at an early age, which led to her first exhibitions and sales at the young age of 14. This enabled her to live the dream of many artists: to be promoted and appreciated at an early age and to draw attention with her art. And yet she first needed to go through a time of personal growth, choosing courage to leave her comfort zone in order to now introduce her art to the public.
This transformationencouraged her to always fight for her principles like a warrior and to go her own way. From then on, art was her sword in the battles of life. Her works quickly gained appreciation with national and international art collectors.

Inspired by artists such as Mark Rothko and Jackson Pollock, her style increasingly developed in an abstract direction. The core content of her work is the needs of people and the abstraction of beauty in everyday life. She wants to pass this on responsibly and raise awareness for a balanced lifestyle through her art. Her focus here is on acrylic paintings.

The self-taught artist was born in Germany in 1989 and lives and works in a rural area near Frankfurt.